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How to make a Chaturbate whitelabel

Here you can read a tutorial to build your own Chaturbate whitelabel sexcam site. The # 1 sexcam site Chaturbate is very good to start your own whitelabel, so we made a seperate tutorial for it, Read it here.

Register your domain name.
To get started, you also need your own domain name (website name). You need to make this something attractive that someone will want to visit. Something like
You can register a domain at one of the many hosting companies on the internet. It is best to choose a .COM domain over other types as it will be more trusted and get a much higher CTR (click through ratio).  Here is an example of the final product we will create today.

Chaturbate whitelabel example

Now you need to setup your Chaturbate Affiliate Account.  Click the join button and enter your information, you will be paid for people who buy tokens on your white label. There are a few different payment methods depending on where you live. Including check in the mail, paxum, direct deposit and even some forms of crypto currency.

Setup your Chaturbate whitelabel

Once you have your domain all set up, the next thing is to create the white label.
Login at Chaturbate go to “whitelabels”.

Chaturbate whitelabel

Here you make the start to setup the whitelabel. After your whitelabel is verified and running, this is the place where you can change the look of your whitelabel

On the first setup you have to enter some information about your website (Give your white label address a domain name prefix. For example, like on camsexworld, we have chosen “cams”, but you can make of it whatever you want) and add a logo/favicon. Give your whitelabel adress a different Once you have done this, you will receive a notification from Chaturbate to verify your domain. You must do this in the DNS records of the control panel on your website server. Create a TXT or a CNAME record there as shown in the pictures


Chaturbate shows you exactly how to do this. If you have created 1 of the 2 records in the DNS, you can click on “verify”. It may take a while for the DNS server to run, Chaturbate checks this regularly. You can also click on “recheck” every now and then.

DNS setup

To setup your whitelabel domain you must set a CNAME record for every subdomain pointing to exactly the dot at the end is required, however some dns providers will automatically add it and you will need to omit.
Do not replace “whitelabel” with your whitelabel name. The DNS record will look like this:

Chaturbate whitelabel DNS

If you’ve done everything right your white label site will be up and running.  Type your new domain into the address bar on your browser and make sure it is working. 
Now it’s time to make the look of your whitelabel how you want, and start earning money.

Payment methods for Chaturbate are:

Paxum, Check by mail, Wire transfer, EFT transfer, Crypto Currency or Direct Deposit (USA).
The minimum payment amount is $50 but it is very easy to reach this.
You can also email them if you would like to increase this as for example some international countries might charge an amount to cash a check so it is best to have a higher amount each check so the percentage of fees paid is much smaller. Earnings are paid out every two weeks. You can change this to daily payouts if you get that large that you require the cashflow each day.  

How To Advertise Your White Labeled Adult Site

Important! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Get your site ranked in Google and other search engines. SEO is the most important marketing strategy, as there’s tons of people searching for different adult content every day. Be sure tp make proper SEO on your site to get it ranked. Using the right keywords will create a steady stream of organic traffic as long as you’re able to preserve your rankings.

Buying Traffic / Ad Space – Traffic buying is a fine art. The traffic needs of your site will vary drastically from other websites. Finding the perfect blend of the right traffic for the right price can be insanely profitable. Search what networks are on the internet that can be used for buying and selling traffic.

Social Media Marketing – Social media is great for driving free traffic. There are tons of adult-friendly social networks out there, such as Twitter and Tumblr. By creating accounts and building up a following, you have people you can directly market to. There’s also great potential for organic discovery through social search.

Make your own live sexcam site with wordpress

If you are familiar with WordPress, you can of course also create a site in WordPress. How to do that is in the “Website tutorial